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Split system air conditioners can be used to cool separate rooms which gives you the ability to choose which rooms you want to heat or cool and at what time. That also gives you control over how much you spend on running costs. If you just want to do a lounge room on a hot day then the rest of the house can be closed off saving the amount of space need to be cooled. And at night bedrooms can be cooled while the rest of the house is closed off.

Split systems work buy transferring hot and cold air from one place to another. The outside unit (compressor) pressurises refrigerant gas which acts like a sponge when super heated under pressure. It absorbs any hot air inside and transfers it outside whilst also absorbing cool air from outside and transferring it inside.

Inverter air conditioners

Inverter units are able to control how fast or slow the compressor needs to run depending on the temperature at the time. Which means they only use more power when needed.

Inverter air conditioners
So when it reaches say 22 degrees the compressor will only run at the speed required to keep the temperature at 22 degrees. So in practice this means that when you turn the air conditioner on the compressor will run faster to get to 22 and then slow right down to just maintain 22.  Non inverter units just have one speed, which means the unit is constantly stopping and starting every time it hits 22 degrees. Which in turns means the temperature is rising and falling constantly too.

Multi Split systems
Multi Split systems consist of one outdoor unit running multiple indoor units. They are good for situations where their is limited space outside for more than one unit. Or if you just don't like the look of too many air conditioners outside. They are generally more expensive to buy and install than separate units due to the fact that the connecting pipes and electrical controls have to run back to one central place.
With separate units, pipe runs are generally much shorter as the indoor and outdoor air conditioning units are place as close to each other as possible.


ECA Government Tax Allowance Scheme

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme enables businesses to claim 100% first-year capital allowance on investments in energy-saving equipment, against the taxable profits of the period of investment.
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