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Maintenance Getting the balance right

Many technical support providers have relationships with manufacturers that may result in an eagerness to replace rather than repair. Equally, those directly employing a team of engineers will understandably want to repair, rather than replace.

Because Kinsman air Systems is totally independent and therefore unbiased, it's able to get that balance right. Kinsman air Systems will audit existing and new equipment and impartially advise whether it's beyond a useful working life or performing to optimum capacity.

Kinsman air Systems has chosen not to employ a network of highly qualified and fully-insured specialists with proven track records in their chosen disciplines. This specialist rather than generalist approach allows the Company to 'get it right first time' - keeping costs down and reducing client spend.

Staff at Kinsman air Systems dedicated support centre will discuss equipment issues, determine the problem and identify the solution (i.e. advising on-site staff how to fix the problem before sending a specialist engineer).

If technical on-site support is required, a first-visit fix is top priority. Call centre staff manage the logistics (ensuring the right engineer is deployed at a suitable time and keeping the client informed of progress), fully brief all concerned beforehand and so reduce the amount of on-site time needed to complete the repair. This reduces down time, potential stock losses and client management time in dealing with the issue. Third-party feedback suggests wasted on-site time is a major irritation and unnecessary cost.

The Company covers the whole spectrum, from proactive maintenance (maximising uptime and minimising costs) to selecting equipment. It tailor-makes its services, dependent on clients' needs, and can dramatically reduce equipment expenditure.

Question:  when should I do my maintenance?

Answer:  There is no better time than the Spring to have any form of air conditioning system that makes use of refrigerant serviced in good time for the Summer months.  Very often small problems spotted at the time of service stop them from becoming major and expensive problems later on.  

Question:  What actions are carried out to the air conditioning / Refrigerationsystem during the service?

  • Filters are checked and cleaned.
  • The evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned.
  • All motors are oiled where required.
  • Check condenser.
  • Check thermostat is working accurately.
  • Check all electrical fittings and test controls.
  • Check for correct for refrigerant levels.  If found to be low check and repair any leaks before adding further gas.
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