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An Independent Guide To Comparing Air Con Estimates

Comparing air conditioning installation quotations can often be confusing and varying prices often reflect major differences in the air conditioning units on offer.  To simply choose the quotation with the cheapest ‘bottom line’ could be a recipe for disaster. The following guidelines will help you assess your quotations and determine which one offers the best value.


Are the quotations ‘like-for-like’?
The main reason for price disparities between air conditioning quotations is the power of the equipment being offered.  It is important to check the Kw or Btu rating, noting that the higher the rating the more powerful the cooling output.  It is a false economy to install an air conditioning unit of a lesser power only to find out that your new air conditioning system is underpowered.  Also bear in mind that if one of the quotations is suggesting the supply of a leading brand of air conditioner such as, but not limited to, Daikin, LG or Mitsubishi, they will always be more expensive than budget brands.  Leading brands are considerably more efficient and have, in general, a far longer life expectancy than budget brands.

Have you chosen quotations from ‘like-for-like’  Air Conditioning Companies?
An  air conditioning installation carried out by a ‘one man and his van’ operative will often prove cheaper than an installation provided by a larger company with a full team of professional qualified installers.  However, the quality of work and in particular the after-sales service of a ‘one man and his van’ operation is likely to be inferior. It is vital to ensure that your choice of air conditioner installer is able to offer a complete air conditioning maintenance program insofar that if your air conditioning installation is not regularly serviced then this will have the effect of negating your fixed installation guarantee from the manufacturer.

Is the provision of mains power to the system included in the quotation?
Many air conditioning companies give quotations that appear to be ‘all inclusive’, but it may emerge that crucial services such as the provision of mains power to the air conditioning system have been left out.  Establish whether all of the quotations are fully inclusive of such services.

Do the companies you have received quotations from have showrooms?
You wouldn’t purchase an expensive item of clothing without seeing it first and neither would you buy a car without test driving it.  It is very important before committing yourself to a quotation to actually see working examples of the air conditioning equipment you’re going to receive.  Further, it is vital to check the noise level.  Don’t forget to ask to see examples of  fixed system air conditioning installations that the competitors have installed so as to be able to make up your own mind as to the quality of the company you are dealing with.  Ask the competitors whether they have a showroom with working examples of air conditioning units.

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