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Finance Options
Quick and Easy Financing Is Now Available!*
  • No application fee, closing costs, annual fee or early payoff penalty
  • No down payment, no minimum purchases
  • Immediate credit upon approval
  • Quick decisions - Apply today and get a decision in minutes
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Special financing terms available
  • Easy access to funds

Don't Get Heated Worrying About Financing
Finance your new heating and air conditioning unit! Leave your existing lines of credit open for other uses. Don't worry about compromising your lifestyle or budget! With this financing, interest is calculated on your average daily balance, so the lower your balance, the lower your interest expense! Since new heating and air conditioning equipment is more energy efficient, you may see considerable savings on your heating and cooling bill, which will help offset your monthly payment. Go ahead - buy it today!

Flexible initial payment Ownership can pass at the end of the agreement Monthly payments do not attract VAT Capital allowances can be claimed Finance charges may be offset against taxable profits Fixed monthly payment means simplified budgeting Release capital for other uses Principal credit lines are unaffected

Low initial rental Improved cash flow 100% of the rentals are normally allowable in full against tax VAT is normally recoverable on the rentals Fixed payment and period means simplified budgeting Principal credit lines are unaffected Release capital for day to day running of the business