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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Ceiling cassette systems are an ideal option to air condition rooms where there is no available walls to mount a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted system. Its whisper quiet operation is ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential or commercial uses.   

Inverter Technology
Inverter technology is your key to more comfort throughout the year, whatever the season. By controlling compressor rotation speed more precisely, inverter technology provides high-speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

Compact Size for 2x2 Ceiling
The SLZ ceiling cassette series is designed to fit perfectly for 2-by-2 ceilings.

"I Feel" Control

The original one-touch Fuzzy-logic "I Feel" control memorises the ideal temperature and recreates it precisely every time. 

Very Quiet Operation
Ceiling cassette’s have low noise levels of 28 dB when cooling which makes this unit  ideal for bedrooms or living rooms.



7-Day Programmer
The remote controller provides the ideal room comfort featuring a weekly timer with up to 8 patterns for each calendar day. It also features: limiting the set temperature range, auto OFF timer, operation lock and multi-language display (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese & Japanese).

2,500 Hours Long Life Filter
The built-in filter removes dust and contaminants and only needs vacuuming to maintain. The SLZ Series also feature a long life filter which can last about 2,500 hours without replacement.

Fresh Air Intake
Indoor air quality is enhanced by the direct intake of fresh exterior air. 
12-Hour Timer
On/off operation can be set simultaneously in 10-minute increments for a 24-hour period.
Auto Restart
Especially useful during sudden blackouts as the unit will turn back on automatically when power is restored.
In the first instance, if, after reading this, you would like to investigate your options further, the next step is to invite Kinsman Air Conditioning to site so they can establish exactly what is required. One of their specially trained design engineers will be only to pleased to assist.

Multi Split Systems
Multi Split systems consist of one outdoor unit running multiple indoor units. They are good for situations where their is limited space outside for more than one unit. Or if you just don't like the look of too many air conditioners outside. They are generally more expensive to buy and install than separate units due to the fact that the connecting pipes and electrical controls have to run back to one central place.
With separate units, pipe runs are generally much shorter as the indoor and outdoor air conditioning units are place as close to each other as possible.


ECA Government Tax Allowance Scheme

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme enables businesses to claim 100% first-year capital allowance on investments in energy-saving equipment, against the taxable profits of the period of investment.
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