Cooling Calculator
Please enter room name. e.g. Front office, reception, etc :
Please enter the room dimensions in feet or metres.
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Width Meter    
Please describe from the examples below the room type that best fits the description of the area to be cooled.
No exceptional heat loading, for example, a residential room; an office with an average quantity of PC's etc; a shop or showroom.
Areas with additional heat loading caused by, for example, refrigeration units; commercial lighting; kitchen equipment or a restaurant; skylights; conservatories with double glazing.
It is a computer room with server racks, conservatory with pain glass, a catering kitchen or any other area with excessive extra heat loading.
If the area to be cooled has South facing* windows, do those windows account for more than 20% of the wall area.

* If you get direct sun at around midday, you are south facing.

Please select the type of unit you require
Wall Mounted UnitĀ 
Ceiling cassetteĀ 
Ducted System Unit
(All portable air conditioning units require access to the the outside)
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