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Ducted air con Installation

Ducted Air Conditioning is the best way to control the Temperature & Humidity in a home or office where there are multiple rooms that all need air-conditioning. Compared to the Split systems it is also has the least impact on space within the rooms of a building and the most appealing aesthetically.

Ducted Air Conditioning systems have the following functioning units:

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Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split system air conditioners can be used to cool separate rooms which gives you the ability to choose which rooms you want to heat or cool and at what time. That also gives you control over how much you spend on running costs. If you just want to do a lounge room on a hot day then the rest of the house can be closed off saving the amount of space need to be cooled. And at night bedrooms can be cooled while the rest of the house is closed off.

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Ceiling cassettes Installation

Ceiling cassette systems are an ideal option to air condition rooms where there is no available walls to mount a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted system. Its whisper quiet operation is ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential or commercial uses.

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Design your system

We will make an appointment for our surveyor to visit your premises to discuss your requirements and to design the best configuration for your system. This will avoid any unforeseen complications during the installation. He will also advise you if any alterations need to be made to your existing electricity supply. If that is the case then we can either quote for doing this work or we can advise your own electrician accordingly.

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Calculate cooling required

Welcome to our Cooling Calculator, it’s a quick and friendly way to help you work out the size of the air conditioning required to cool and heat your premises.  The type of  unit, e.g.  wall mounted, Ceiling cassette,  portable or fixed air conditioning requirements is always determined by the application.  When the Cooling Calculator gives its suggestion, it will also give you the opportunity to buy on-line. 

Either way, our amazingly wonderful and efficient Customer Service team will always telephone you before processing your order just in case they feel that they can suggest another option but this time with a gentle human voice – have fun!

You will also find our “Independent Guide to comparing Air Conditioning Quotations” Helpful.

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Service / Maintenance

Many technical support providers have relationships with manufacturers that may result in an eagerness to replace rather than repair. Equally, those directly employing a team of engineers will understandably want to repair, rather than replace.

Because Kinsman air Systems is totally independent and therefore unbiased, it's able to get that balance right. Kinsman air Systems will audit existing and new equipment and impartially advise whether

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Price your system

Try our user friendly online Cooling Calculator Wizard. This simple to use device  will give you a ball park  price indication of cost for your required air conditioning system.

The Cool Calculator can specify wall, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended and concealed ducted systems. Once you have Calculated the cost of your system, simply give us a ring and we will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your premises.

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An Independent Guide To Comparing Air Con Estimates

Comparing air conditioning installation quotations can often be confusing and varying prices often reflect major differences in the air conditioning units on offer.  To simply choose the quotation with the cheapest ‘bottom line’ could be a recipe for disaster. The following guidelines will help you assess your quotations and determine which one offers the best value.

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